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  1. Lovely 1-minute read.

    >A household pet was a whisker away from being taken on holiday before being found in its owner’s hand luggage.  

    >A forgotten bottle of water lodged in the depths of your hand luggage, long-worn jewellery or an iPhone — objects that often catch people out in airport security.

    >A local couple recently defied those norms.

    >While going through Ronaldsway, Voirrey and Nick Coole were taken into a side-room by security who revealed the couple’s cat had stowed away in their hand luggage.

    >Seemingly unwilling to let her owners go away without her, Candy was found in the couples suitcase by security.

    >She was then picked up by friends and Voirrey and Nick caught their flight, thanking security for their help.

  2. Nearly happened to me, but with a train to London. Left my house, walked to the station, halfway there my sports bag starts moving. My 1 year old cat had jumped in and buried herself. Had to sprint back to the house, drop her off and haul ass back to get the train in time.


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