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  2. When the dust is settled, America will understand that we were fighting for them all along. We are the heroes we deserve, and we must continue fighting for what’s right.

  3. Well Nixon resigned before they could get him and also before he could attempt to use the full power of the executive branch against the charges. Trump likely won’t walk away so easily.

  4. Unfortunately Trump has a base that is completely insulated from reality, they get all of their news from Fox News (which was just put in its place via Bard) or Breitbart or Rush Limbaugh. Until they turn on him the base won’t turn on him and the senate republicans won’t turn in him until the base does. Roger Ailes was successful in using dishonest media to create a base of voters completely divorced from reality who blindly support republicans. That is good news for Republicans, but bad news for the country.

    The one thing that *might* turn the base against him is the same thing that turned them against W, complete economic collapse. That is something that not even FOX news can ignore or spin away.!

  5. The difference is that everyone’s been saying from the beginning he was unfit for office so it just looks like they’re just trying to get rid of him for any reason at all. Everyone who voted against him is a victim of their own prescience and passion for how bad a president he was going to be.

  6. You have to remember that the watergate incident and resignation form Nixon were two years apart. You have to gather evidence – you have to do it right. Otherwise, conspiracy theories blossom and we are back where we start .


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