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  1. She knew he was a threat to the kids at that school. She should’ve done much more than essentially observe his downfall. The article states she removed him from therapy because it was too expensive. It ultimately cost her the only son she had, and her maybe her freedom.

  2. a compounded tragedy.

    Depression is a hell of a disease.

    It is a tragic decision to cut social safteynets and move to criminalizing the results of disease.

    If society wants to protect itself, we should provide solution to families with troubled youths and encourage – not shame them – for getting their loved ones the care they need when they get sick.

    Today usa is all too eager to dump societies ills on the criminal justice system, which only compounds the tragedy as they ruin families and can only respond after problems occur.

    Howecer, police could have interviened if she called police to ask he be taken into mental observation if he not behaving right.

    But then again, this isnt advertised and she might not even had known this was an option, or she embarrased, etc.

    If you or a loved one isnt feeling well remember police can come and put your loved one into a safe environment to get them care.


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