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  1. I read another article today about it. Says that they will be able to be bought from supermarkets, and be able to be changed out in 90 seconds.

    Seems hard to believe, but if even close to true that is quite something.

  2. That’s all it is though a single charge these batteries cannot be charged again. They are aluminum, although I’m not sure about about the recyclebility of them as they are corroding the aluminum to make the power (As I understand it, I could be completely wrong).

  3. Let’s estimate pricing.

    Assuming 30 miles to the gallon for a small econo car, that’s about 50 gallons. At about $3 a gallon ballpark, that fuel cell needs to cost about $150 to be competitive.

  4. so, NOT a battery then?

    Someone seems to be unaware of the difference between fuel cell and battery.

    From what I understand, the power comes from corroding the Alu. So this is basically using the energy that went into purifying the alu in the first place. Which is TOTAlLY UTTERLY IDIOTIC.

    From what I can see, this is bullshit supreme.


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