people share music with each other to express emotion, words, stories. they might not be able to share it otherwise, but in the format of music, it allows them to connect with other people that connect to that format, people have recommended me music before and i have mainly listened to the beat, less so the lyrics, i think, but now i definitely listen to the lyrics, the beat is still important, but the lyrics can overwhelm a beat. sharing music is sharing parts of personality

i like the hook of this song by Watsky (write your name)

"Why are we
Shy to be
Who we all would like to be?
Write your name so big and bold that the entire world can see
Although you
Can't undo
All the pain that you've been through
Write your name
Write your name
Write your name"

i just asked out a girl on a date while listening to this. i wanted to do it, so i did it. i am normally too scared, i forget that i want to try these things, because it's scary.

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