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  2. Maybe it is just me, but when one side is consistently willing to testify before a critical audience under oath, and the other side consistently refuses to testify under oath, I tend to believe the side that is willing to risk jail to tell its side of the story.

  3. Cue Republicans saying that answering in writing isn’t good enough before being reminded that Trump did the same thing with Mueller.

    Of course, they’ll find some weasel reason why Trump was perfectly fine submitting his answers in writing not the whistleblower doing the same is highly suspicious, illegal and/or unconstitutional.

  4. I’m still confused why Republicans are even trying to attack the Whistleblower – even going so far as to break the law in releasing his name. The story has already been validated so the whistleblower isn’t even necessary anymore.

    Are they trying to distract the public? What is their strategy? Even if they distract the public about the whistleblower, the impeachment inquiry is still underway because…. Surprise…. He already admitted to breaking said law.

    The GOP pretty much destroyed themselves at this point. No way can they recover from this much BS.

  5. So how are Republicans going to grandstand, lie, and use as much extreme language as possible on writing. They never really ask questions at these things. Just fight to make whatever statement they feel will win them favor with the boss.

  6. “Just a few perfectly reasonable, open questions:

    1) Why do you HATE and CONSPIRE against most glorious GodEmperorPresident ever?

    2) Why are you such a terrible, UnAmerican TRAITOR?

    3) Do You know how much we’ll destroy you if you don’t immediately recant your statements and tell everyone the Democrats told You to LIE for them? (hint hint)

    4)…. What about… Just…. Hey, Fuck you.”

    -Leaked Republican whistleblower question list, probably

  7. Good. At this point though his story has been corroborated by several other people.

    It’s like saying the person who actually called 911 is still essential now that several people who were on the scene have already reported the same thing to the police.


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