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  1. >The person who purportedly complained about the cake on social media platform Weibo proclaimed the victory of “the joint efforts of Chinese competitors”.

    >“I’d like to say, there is no absolute freedom of speech, freedoms need to be built upon law and national interests,” said the post

    Well fuck you very much. However it’s the cake show organisiers who needs to get it in the neck here.

  2. I love how the article explains that the Chinese competitors complained and threatened to deface the other teams’ cakes if the Hong Kong team was allowed to enter their pro-HK cake, so of course the organizers took the obvious step and banned the Chinese teams from the competition.

    Wait, no, they fucking banned the HK team’s cake, because why bother standing up to the bully when we could capitulate and refuse to tell the misbehaving teams “no.” Someone fucking stand up to the bullshit, for crying out loud.


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