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  1. From her Wiki page:

    > On 30 January 1944, Segre was deported from platform 21 of the Milan Central railway station to the Auschwitz concentration camp, where she arrived seven days later. She was immediately separated from her father Alberto, whom she never saw again and who would die the following day, 27 April 1944 (see the memorial plaque below). On the 18 May 1944 her paternal grandparents were arrested in Inverigo, in the Province of Como, and deported after a few weeks to Auschwitz, where they were also killed on their arrival on the 30 June.[2]
    > At the selection, Segre was tattooed with the serial number 75190. She was employed in forced labour in the Union ammunition factory, which belonged to Siemens, for about one year. During her imprisonment, she underwent three other selections. In January 1945, after the evacuation of the camp, she faced the death march towards Ravensbrück concentration camp in Germany. After some weeks spent there in terrible conditions, she was marched on to its satellite Malchow concentration camp where she was liberated by the Red Army on 1 May 1945.[4] **Out of the 776 Italian children aged 14 or less who were deported to the Auschwitz concentration camp, only 35 survived, including Segre.**

    Everyone but her maternal grandparents were killed.

    She was nearly killed.

    Lives until present-day, seeing the world change, only to be subjected to the deranged rantings of 20 year old-something fascists who’ve never suffered a day of their lives.

    What an absurd time to be alive for someone who has seen so much.


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