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  1. Norway feels the same. No problem with drilling in the North Sea for oil and selling it to other countries, but within their own country, 80% of new cars sold are all-electric. So they’re exporting their GHG emissions.

  2. > James Josling, head of Africa oil trading for Swiss-based Trafigura, said telling Africa not to develop its resources was akin to making it “pay for the sins” of other regions.

    No, it’s akin to teaching children the mistake that their parents made to not let them repeat it. And you get the stupid answer of typical child under-developed intelligence : “But you did it too.”.

    Climate doesn’t care about fairness, about how poor and miserable you are, and will kick us all equally. Africa industrial boom will be the last nail. Hopefully I’m a pessimist, no betrayal of expectation here : Human is going down.



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