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  1. For those curious about the boyfriend’s punishment…

    > In 2006, after serving two years in county jail, Braxton pleaded guilty to two counts of abuse. He was sentenced but given probation and released from custody, online court records show.

  2. > She pleaded guilty to enabling child abuse and was sentenced to a total of 30 years in prison, records show. Authorities said she failed to tell police about her boyfriend’s abuse.

    Not quite sure she’s a victim in this story. My concern is how the boyfriend got off on 2 years and she got 30.

  3. I feel like the sentence should have been reversed. She do 2 and he does 30. He actually broke those children’s bones. And as an abuse victim herself, I feel her situation was entirely mishandled. She should have gotten some support to help her out of such a situation.

  4. Who committed a bigger crime? An unrelated man who abused the children or the mother of the children who knew of the abuse and allowed it to happen?

    He should be in prison for much longer, but his crime wasn’t as grave as hers in my opinion. The number one job of a mother or father is to protect their children. When they allow somebody to abuse their children, for whatever reason, then I believe they are committing a crime worse than the abuser


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