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  1. Our local hospital sent my daughters bill to collections before running it through our insurance. On top of that they are allowing out-of-network doctors in the ER while the hospital is in-network. Although not unethical in small towns with fewer doctors, there’s no shortage of doctors in our area with three competing corporate hospitals and a medical school and a major nursing program at the state university in town. Just flat out unethical to allow these practices against anyone, especially when we have great credit and no collection history. Wtf is Trump allowing the medical community to do now that he’s spent nearly three years crippling any progress the ACA made in patient protections?

  2. Doctors used to take an oath where they would swear to “Do no harm.” It was their first principle.

    They no longer take any oath. Because look at this shit. How can a doctor perform services knowing it will wind up having a person be sued? I mean, ethically, morally, and being able to sleep at night? They are a bunch of exploitive money grubbing cockroaches.


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