Hi, I’m Bishop Briggs and I’m a musician. My album CHAMPION just came out! Ask me anything! I’ll be taking your questions NOW!

Proof: https://www.instagram.com/p/B4x37hSJgK6/?igshid=14evsfc6x1sv8

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  1. Hi!! I have been a huge fan since the first time I ever saw you live it was the year you first played Bonnaroo, and I remember standing out in the sun getting burnt and dancing so hard and thinking ‘I will go see her every chance I get’ ( been to every NYC show since then! AH!) anyways love so much about you & your music but especially love YOUR TATTOOS. can you talk about your favorite(s) or if you have any artists you’ve been back to multiple times? also sry if this illegal ama etiquette but bonus question do you have a favorite animal?? Thank you!! see you next time ur in nyc :,)

  2. Bishop! I’m so glad you did this, I’ve been a fan for so long!

    Before I ask, I just wanted to say thank you for not only doing this, but for also being such an amazing performer. I love seeing your energy on stage!

    I was wondering, is it strange seeing your ex(es) comment on songs that might be about them in a more negative light? Does it affect you at all, or are you able to understand how they can separate their feelings from the art?

    Thanks again, love you!

  3. Don’t really want to ask you anything, just to say you’re the best, loved you since I found Wild horses on YouTube like three years ago and you’re the only person I’ve ever paid to see in concert. Please never stop<3

  4. Just wanted to say for any r/Music subscribers who don’t know who she is- I *highly* suggest checking her out. She has an amazing voice, even better stage presence, and great songs. If she’s ever in town and you can get a ticket, do it!

  5. are there any songs on champion that you knew would be on the album the second you started writing it? likewise did you know the album was going to be called champion right away or were there alternate album titles? ps i miss u n love u, havent seen you since coldplay tour and my heart is yearning for another show 💕


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