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  1. As someone who has a large Italian family and has spent a good amount of time over there…

    Italians have always been a bit Xenophobic. Now, Italians are getting increasingly fed up with unchecked illegal migration and the EU telling them that they have to put up with foreigners and the effects of foreigners (cultural/language shock + the perceived or real aid being given to them when Italians themselves aren’t a massively wealthy people). As long as Italians concerns continue to be met a.) silence or b.) accusations of racism, Italian resentment towards migrants will continue to bubble and grow.

  2. On my first visit to Italy, I was struck by the fact that I never saw black people in public sociably speaking with anyone that was not black. In Rome or Florence, you might expect that it is because people stick with the group they are traveling with, in the case of tourists, but when you see the same thing in the small town, where the black population seems completely ostracized, it is rather depressing.

    Having visited more recently, I noted less of that in general, but it must still be pretty prevalent in their culture.


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