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  1. > What do the protesters want?

    >Some protesters have adopted the motto: “Five demands, not one less!” These are:

    >For the protests not to be characterised as a “riot”

    >Amnesty for arrested protesters

    >An independent inquiry into alleged police brutality

    >Implementation of complete universal suffrage

    >The fifth demand, the withdrawal of the bill, has already been met.

    Ignorant American here, but maybe someone can answer before I’m buried in downvotes. Didn’t HK fuck itself by challenging China this way? When the bill was withdrawn, shouldn’t they have backed off and enjoyed the “Basic Law” until 2047? There is literally no chance that they will be successful here. The world will not answer their call for help and the little foreign protests in support do nothing.

    > Hong Kong is a former British colony handed back to China in 1997.

    >It has its own judiciary and a separate legal system from mainland China. Those rights include freedom of assembly and freedom of speech.

    >But those freedoms – the Basic Law – expire in 2047 and it is not clear what Hong Kong’s status will then be.


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