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  1. Wife due Christmas Day, wants to enjoy the holidays early because they know it’ll but nuts around then. My suggestion would be to leave it up and make the HOA prove they have bylaws/rules regarding it.

  2. So people understand HOAs by now, right? That’s how it works, they have rules, you follow them or you get fined. No clue why people move into them if they aren’t willing to understand they are going to most likely have to follow bullshit rules. It’s why I would never buy a house in one.

  3. Good, fuck em’ However, if you want to do whatever the fuck you want, don’t live near other people especially with an HOA. I still do not understand the need for people to live near other people and feel shocked when the people they live by have a problem with what they are doing. I like to have parties but when I was told to shut the fuck up I was never indignant about it.

  4. Tell em, They are from Halloween.

    Everything was dressed as Christmas.

    Your just late taking your Halloween decorations down.

    Does the HOA state how long you can keep them up?

    Within 2 weeks, they can be for Christmas.

  5. My Christmas lights are big and bright.
    Deep in the heart of Texas
    My neighbour’s ire is wide and high
    Deep in the heart of Texas
    I am a goon and a buffoon
    Deep in the heart of Texas
    Unworthy of anyone’s love
    Deep in the heart of Texas
    The cowboys cry ‘it hurts my eyes’
    Deep in the heart of Texas
    Alcohol rush I am a lush
    Deep in the heart of Texas
    The neighbors brawl – and brawl and brawl
    Deep in the heart of Texas!


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