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  1. “A judge sided with the Trump administration on Thursday in ruling that an Alabama woman who joined the Islamic State group was not a US citizen, leaving the 25-year-old and her son in limbo in Syria.

    Hoda Muthana, an American-born woman who left Alabama to join Isis in 2014, has said she “deeply regrets” joining the terrorist group and wants to return to the US with her young son.”

    I deeply regret you’re a dumb bitch who made her own bed. Sorry not sorry

  2. Honestly as much as I hate most of Trump’s policies, this isn’t one I really disagree with. She made a choice to join a blatant terrorist organization, she consciously committed treason therefore should not be treated as a citizen

  3. I hope they report on her situation in the coming months, imagine how pissed the ISIS fighters are going to be when they get their hands on her. Boy shes got a long road ahead of her. I really want to hear rmore about her story.


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