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  2. Well I do wonder how a man like Nunes would get in contact with an indicted criminal like Parnas?

    Perhaps an intermediary that both the men know?

    Perhaps… Rudy Giuliani?

    Perhaps a logical conclusion is that Trump entrusted Rudy with introducing Nunes to Parnas so that Nunes could investigate conspiracy theories that would help President Trump?

  3. I’d appreciate it if some Dem tries to enter one of these Nunes/Parnas stories into the record with unanimous consent. I’d expect the republicans lose their shit and refuse.

    Then a Dem just reads the story aloud during their five minute block. Asks the witnesses, have either of you met with Lev Parnas? We’re you aware congressional staff had met with Mr. Parnas in Ukraine? We’re you aware any of these staff members work for ranking member Nunes? Nothing further.

  4. I’m trying to understand the big picture here and it feels more and more like the GOP/RNC as an organization made a deal with the devil to use Russias propaganda machine to help them win elections in exchange for favorable diplomatic/geopolitical treatment for Russia over all other European entities. Every day this feels much bigger than Trump.


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