Does anyone know of any notable artists and/or records from the 1980s that don't have typical "80s production", eg; gated drums, treble-heavy and bass-reduced mixes, heavy digital reverb, glossy FM synth presets, etc. I already know of a lot of hip hop, house and techno from that time that doesn't fall into those tropes, but it's depressing how so much other music, especially pop and rock, just adopted these same production habits. Even established artists from before the 80s like Bob Dylan bucked on to the trend. I've always had a fondness for 80s production, but realising that so much music that time sounded like that makes the 80s, musically (like other areas of that decade), seem very depressing and conformist.

So if anyone knows any 1980s music without the typical 80s production of the time, feel free to post it here!

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