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  1. I would say that was a dangerous move the woman did. Confronting a gang you believe are involved (or know someone involed) in robbery when alone and grabbing one of them. Not saying they had good reasons to assault her at all but I think she took a risk.

    Glad she wasnt too badly hurt . Hope the officer makes full recovery as well.

  2. >In a surveillance video of the incident, the woman approaches the group of at least five teens and grabs one wearing a white hoodie by the arm.

    Subs like publickfreakout, pussypassdenied, instantkarma and others would claim that this was a clear case of the woman attacking first and deserving of the assault.

    “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”
    “Equal rights means equal lefts.”
    “Talk shit, get hit.”
    “She initiated the physical violence.”

  3. Welcome to 2019, where the media refers to juveniles who beat good samaritans unconscious on video as “teens” and juveniles who [smile uncomfortably when adults get in their face]( as “Asswipes,”^1 “Nazi Youth,”^2 “thugs,”^3 and “deplorable.”^4

    ^1 Ana Navarro, The View

    ^2 Kara Swisher, the New York Times

    ^3 Kurt Eichenwald, Vanity Fair/Newsweek

    ^4 Bakari Sellers, CNN


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