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  1. > According to the lawsuit filed by the Boca Raton-based attorney Larry Klayman, founder of the conservative legal activist group Judicial Watch, his client now lives in constant fear of attack and “often receives death threats when he appears in public”. It adds that he suffers from “depression and PTSD”.

    Maybe don’t kill kids. Maybe don’t try to sell the gun you used to kill a kid. Maybe don’t be a horrible human being always trying to profit off other’s pain. That’d go a long way for depression and PTSD.

  2. Everyone should take a look at the evidence.

    Trayvon’s family and prosecutors had Trayvon’s girlfriend Rachel Jeantel testify at trial that she was on the phone with Trayvon at the time and he said he was being stalked by a creepy white guy, tried to lose him, was afraid and heard Trayvon get attacked by him

    Except Rachel Jeantel was not Trayvon’s girlfriend, and was not on the phone with him that night. She was an impostor that the family swapped in for his actual girlfriend, Diamond Eugene, who refused to testify. They had already identified Diamond as his girlfriend before the trial, and there was tons of social media showing them together, sexual text messages between them, phone records from that night. But they substituted Diamond’s half-sister Rachel in place of her and coached her to lie on the stand, giving the false testimony to try to get Zimmerman locked up. No prosecutor could possibly have mistaken the two: Rachel was 5 inches taller, 2 years older, obese and mentally handicapped, while Jeantel was slim and vivacious

    They perpetrated a very serious hoax and tried to fabricate false testimony to get someone locked up. They deserve to be sued

  3. What a total piece of shit. Even if he was justified in the shooting (and I do NOT believe he was), that is still shitty. The family has nothing to do with those ~~problems~~ *consequences*. He has taken enough from that family. He has flaunted the weapon he used at auction. He deserves a counter suit for harassment. That is absolutely sick. I wouldn’t even call him a man. A man can face his actions, admit mistakes, and atone how he can. He is lower than a damn dog.

  4. He deserves to be put down like a punk with street justice. He’s totally got inmate mentality but he’s on the outside where he doesn’t belong. Free society doesn’t deserve to have to put up with this piece of scum.

  5. The dude murdered someone. Got off **scott free**, and now he’s suing the murder victim’s family for an absurd amount. What a literal piece of shit. He needs to get a job and stop trying to profit from his media attention.


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