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  1. I think you can really only claim that if there is a shortage….. the grocery store has literally an entire aisle of bottled water. Also they aren’t the cheapest so the essential public service is actually the generic brand if anything.

  2. > “[Nestlé] extracting water and sending it to other places where it cannot return to the water table, and, critically, doing so faster than the aquifer can replenish, is an ‘irretrievable’ depletion unless the pumping is reduced or halted,” the judges wrote.

    Good to see we have some sensible judges in Michigan.

  3. Nestle is one of the worst companies to exist.

    They result in more human deaths, more climate issues, and more community destruction than almost any other company.

    They should not exist. The government should revoke their corporate charter for gross mismanagement of Human life and affairs.

  4. Well if you’ve never been to a country where water from the tap could legit kill you, then of course it isn’t essential. But I have been there, and bottled water should almost be a human right in those countries.


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