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  1. Do cops have some sort of SLA ( service level agreement ) they have to meet? Like they have to arrest 1 person every hour or they don’t get their Christmas bonus? I ask because so many of these situations seem to be resolvable with just a little bit of cool down time. If this cop took an extra 15 minutes, called for backup and let the mother help talk the son into going peacefully we’d never have heard about it and the outcome would have been far better.

  2. She was arresting a shoplifter at his house. They were both inside. He ended up fighting her and charging her. She fired, but his mother was in the background. I don’t think this should be considered negligence when you’re in a close quarters fight.

  3. The video shows how stupid everyone was.

    The mom got in the way of the officer and the suspect.

    The suspect attacked the officer.

    The officer shot, but the background was not clear of people (the mother).

    The suspect gave the officer a concussion.

    The officer left her gun on the floor after her concussion.

    The officer’s partner finally showed up and helped her arrest the suspect.

  4. Jesus Christ. Not even safe in your house from oinkers. Dont even know how to shoot a target right in from of them and really shouldnt have even gotten to the level of a gun being discharged. Fucking shame.

  5. Why do we still have women cops?

    Every intense scenario with a woman cop is a total shitshow with no control.

    If you are physically weaker than 50% of the world’s population guaranteed, then you shouldn’t be allowed to be a cop.


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