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  1. Cooking with love!Tasting with heart!I recommend delicious steamed hairy crabs for you today!The crab meat is fresh and sweet,crab roe is full!Super satisfaction! With strong ginger vinegar juice,with warm ginger tea or yellow rice wine,not afraid of cold crab!It’s full of delicious food!


    4 Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs

    1 Ginger

    5ml vinegar

    10ml raw soy sauce

    3g sugar


    1.Soak the hairy crab in water for 30 minutes

    2.Bathe the hairy crabs

    3.Then slice the ginger

    4.Steaming crab

    1.Add enough water and ginger slices to the pot

    2.Put on the steamer when it’s boiled,Turn to medium heat and steam slowly for 10 minutes,Then turn off and simmer for 3-5 minutes

    5.Prepare the the sauce

    1.Cut the ginger into crumbs

    2.Select a container,add 5 ml vinegar,10 ml raw,5g ginger,3g sugar,made into dipping sauce

    6.Prepare brown sugar ginger tea or yellow rice wine

    1.Boil ginger slices and brown sugar in clear water for 10 minutes

    2.You can also choose with yellow rice wine,but it must be heated for drinking


    There are four parts of hairy crab that can’t be eaten:

    Crab sausage,gills,lung and heart


    Show you the correct way to eat crab legs:

    1.Cut the two ends of the crab legs with scissors

    2.Fold off the first joint of the crab leg

    3.Use it to push in slowly from one end of the crab leg

    A whole piece of crab meat will be taken out



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