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  2. The fucker is getting corrupt Ukrainians to lie on his and Trump’s behalf.

    Try running this article through Google Translate:

    The gist of it is that the US Embassy under Yovanovitch was stopping Ukraine from investigating the theft of 7bn dollars by Yanukovich. And that OAN is going to report that Lutsenko says Yovanovitch lied under oath.

    Brace yourselves for when Giuliani gets back.

  3. Republican legislators were in Russia for 4th of July, Giuliani in Ukraine, obvious proof of collusion…but but hear them out, Obama was no angel either. He wore a tan suit and was black, both sides amirite?

  4. The reminder is good and all but no consequences have happened hence why he continue doing this. Once he is hit with prison sentences then I’ll be happy; other than that he is loving his lawlessness life spreading bullshit conspiracy theories.


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