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  1. **NIM VIND**
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    > NIM VIND is an artistic singer from Vancouver, Canada. He has a unique sound and is known for successfully mixing horror punk with many styles such as Doo-Wop (Killer Creature Double Feature), country (The Bitter End), Arena Rock (The Radio Active Man), and Electronica (Astronomicon). Nim Vind (Chris Kirkham) plays the guitar and sings, accompanied by his brother Anthony Kilz (Anthony Kirkham) on drums, JJ Blood Boy (Joseph Blood) on bass, and also the third Kirkham brother, Robbie, who periodically appears on bass. Nim Vind has released two albums. His debut album The Fashion of Fear came out on the German label FiendForce Records and featured extensive touring in Germany, Mainland Europe and the USA. His second full-length release The Stillness Illness came out last summer on Silverdust Records Germany and his own imprint “Nim Vind Music- Beef Records Inc.” His promotional shows for this album have been his biggest yet. Nim Vind and Anthony Kilz both play for the Canadian alternative group The Vincent Black Shadow with their brother Robbie Kirkham and fellow Vancouverite Cassandra Ford. Nim Vind gained a strong cult following in his previous band, Mr. Underhill, and his notoriety continues to grow with Nim Vind as more and more new bands cover his songs and salute his style. The popular Phoenix band of brothers Calabrese are followers of the Nim Vind method and sound.

    > The Stillness Illness:
    The second Nim Vind album. The sound is a slick, expanded version of what you may have heard previously from him. The album is released in the UK and the rest of Mainland Europe on Silverdust Records with Soulfood Music distribution, in North America on Nv Music and Beef Inc. with Cargo Music Distribution, worldwide on I-Tunes, Amazon and more. Nim Vind has his own online store at that distributes worldwide. You can buy downloads and other merchandise from his site too. In Europe you can buy Nim Vind albums from EMP mail order as well. The album came out on limited edition Blue Vinyl from No Balls Records in Germany but is now Sold Out. Nim Vind played the Summer Breeze festival last summer to a sold out 25,000 crowd. A video for the album’s single “Killing Saturday Night” is up at and Blank TV. Read more on

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