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  1. First I was wrong about giving money to this cooler company, then I was wrong to give to the Gofundme of the homeless dude. Then I was wrong to give money to the Nigerian guy. Man I would be rich if only I stop giving my money away!

  2. And they blame this all on a 10% tariff on goods from china. Total bullshit. The truth is they had a great idea but didn’t know how to execute it. Meanwhile regular coolers sell all day for $400

  3. > “For those who have not received a Coolest, it’s devastating for us to share this, and there is no way of expressing our full upset and disappointment that we cannot keep the doors open or fulfill your order,” (Coolest Cooler founder Ryan; ed.) Grepper wrote.

    I’m sure all those $180 bills will help him to dry his tears and/or pay for the Kleenex he will need to dry them.

  4. How isn’t scamming on Kickstarter illegal? Raising 13mil and not providing any products?

    Hey everyone, I have an Awesome Cooler to sell you, let me get the kick starter up, hold tight!


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