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  2. >The Danish Atlantic Council said it was “regrettably” no longer holding its event after Stanley Sloan, an expert in foreign policy, was apparently prevented from coming at the request of Carla Sands, the US ambassador to Denmark.

    So, Stanley Sloan, a visiting scholar at the Rohatyn Center at Middlebury College, who has taught courses on transatlantic relations and American power while lecturing regularly at the NATO College was barred from a NATO event by Carla Sands, a businesswoman and investor, **former actress, chiropractor**.

    In 2016, Sands donated nearly a quarter million dollars and organized high-dollar fundraisers for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. She also gave $100,000 to President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee.

    This is the world we live in.

  3. Macron was right to say NATO is brain dead if the leading member cancels appearances due to a policy nerd with an opinion showing up. This is one more step to a Europeans taking their defense into their own hands if the US continues like this.

  4. >Ms Sands is a former actress, chiropractor and businesswoman who was appointed US ambassador to Denmark after donating almost $250,000 to Mr Trump’s campaign.

    Whereas the former embassador to Denmark, appointed by Obama, was pretty much beloved by our capitol city… feelsbadman. Multiply that with the many many embassies the US has worldwide, you really start to see the massive brain-drain that Trump has caused to US diplomacy.


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