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  1. I read they caught the guy and he was charged with assault after the race. Ridiculous that he did this and thought he could get away with it. Like it was a reporter being filmed. Idiot.

  2. The guy who did that looked like he’d be the kind of guy to call a woman “sugartits”.

    It’s amazing to me that people can be awful enough to do something like that. But doing it on camera is incredibly stupid.

  3. Holy shit guessed Savannah when I read the headline.

    Hate that I was right.

    It’s a sad insular town filled with good old boys accustomed to getting away with whatever they want.

    Same city we had dude get slammed to the ground by a local waitress last year because he decided to just cup her ass while she was working. Thankfully that was caught on security footage and he was put on blast nationally.

  4. He smacked her in the lower back. Or maybe he did not mean to do this. But as usual women have choices for their actions and men are always falsely held responsible for anything they do or may do.


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