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  2. I’m often amazed that Napolitano hasn’t been sacked. Then I remember that he serves as an *excellent* antagonist for Fox’s base, stirring them up into a frenzy and forcing them to tune-in to all of the network’s usual propaganda bullshit to make them feel better about their sad, little lives. It does wonders for the bottom line, no doubt.

  3. OOJ is an impeachment qualifier. Even the GOP base knows that. The problem is that they simply don’t care anymore. I don’t care what tribe you belong to – his efforts to obstruct justice are plain as day. It is undeniable.

  4. Napolitano said that overall, Turley made a “very credible case” against impeaching the president based on the current evidence and that not much changed following Wednesday’s testimony. He said it now appears House Democrats will include in the articles of impeachment allegations from Robert Mueller on obstruction of justice.

    He also basically said…No Impeachment


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