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  1. I just don’t understand the hate and fear behind this. Even with training you have to work in these communities and have to see the human in the people their. Otherwise everyone is just a target waiting to be shot, o wait😒

  2. So she wanted her deputy to be intimidating so they could get information from the suspect… If it wasn’t for her use of words I don’t think this would have been an issue.

    The issue is if people (even people on Reddit) are willing to clam that the Police departments are hives of white supremacy and racism do you think the cops don’t know what others think of them and they aren’t allowed to address this?

  3. This article is longer than a tweet, and it has lots of big, hard words in it. Therefore, the amount of reading and thinking which is necessary for understanding what is being reported here goes far beyond the capabilities of most Americans these days. It’s much easier for lots of people to simply struggle through the headline and then just shoot off their mouths about what they imagine the article to be about.


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