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  1. Scammers are worthless scum under the best of circumstances.

    Convincing someone their loved one has died is a whole different level. I sincerely hope there’s some additional charges that could be tacked on if this scammer’s ever caught.

  2. For the record, the USMC doesn’t call if your child/SO is killed. Marines in dress uniform will show up at your home. I had this duty when I was an active reservist and will never forget it.

    These scammers can eat sh*t and die.

  3. Fucking scammers. They tried to get my Grandma, calling and saying they were me, that I was in another state, and that I’d been arrested and needed bail money. Thankfully, they screwed up and got my Grampa’s name wrong, and that made Grandma suspicious. Still, I got a very panicky phone call from her making sure that I wasn’t in a New Orleans jail.

    Scammers can fuck off and die, making my Grandma scared like that.

  4. If you get a call like this ignore it. If your loved one is killed in action, his or her primary next of kin (spouse, or whoever they listed as next of kin if they aren’t married) will be visited in person by a uniformed representative of the military. You won’t get a phone call saying they’re dead.


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