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  2. To be fair, that’s probably part of why Trump hired him, to purge the FBI and DOJ of employees that aren’t Trump supporters. Trump is not friendly across the aisle like Obama was.

  3. The article is absolute horseshit. It’s considered fact according to the inspector-general that certain FBI agents had actually committed forgery in order to implicate Trump with Russia. The inspector general founded 17 different unethical behaviors of FBI agents and the facility itself including that of manipulating testimony of key witnesses in investigations against Trump. I’ll add a link to the confirmation by the inspector-general being questioned by Ted Cruz in an edit. A lot of the information is stated as fact by Ted Cruz and then confirmed as fact by the inspector general within the video.
    [Ted Cruz and the Inspector General](
    P.S. The attorney general working to punish the partisanship and illegal behavior is necessary in every capacity regardless of political affiliation.


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