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  1. Got a question the gif doesn’t answer? The [full video]( probably doesn’t either but it’s entertaining at least.

    I make video games into cocktails over at [Experience Bar]( If you’ve ever wanted to get those damn splicers off your lawn, Murder of Crows is the vigor for you. It’s formulated from only the most freshly squeezed ADAM-infused sea slugs and no self-respecting Zealot of the Lady would be found without a bottle.


    * 2 oz bourbon
    * 0.75 oz sarsaparilla reduction
    * 2 dashes Angostura bitters

    To make the sarsaparilla reduction, add half a cup of brown sugar and a tablespoon of cuttlefish ink to half a cup of your favourite sarsaparilla. Heat gently until combined. Once the sugar has dissolved, remove from the heat and allow to cool.

    To make the cocktail, add all ingredients to a mixing glasses with ice. Stir thoroughly to chill. Strain into your vessel. Garnish with a feather. Serve!


    Murder of Crows, one of my favourite vigors from Bioshock Infinite, is equal parts horrifying and entertaining. Point your finger at an offending soul and they’ll soon find themselves without their most valued soft wobbly parts as a tornado of crows tear them off. It also earns the trophy of being the most interesting vigor visually, which pushes it to the top of my list to cocktail-ify.

    Columbia is so enraptured with the idea of American supremacy that it blinds itself with racism and xenophobia. Any drink, then, that comes from a city obsessed with the ‘American spirit’ should have an equally American spirit as a base. Bourbon. 2 ounces.

    Next, we have the sweetener, a reduction of sarsaparilla mixed with sugar and a [dab of squid/cuttlefish ink]( The ink gives it that dark colour and is a nod towards the sea-slug-based ADAM in the drink that allows for the crow powers. But why sarsaparilla? The [advertising for the Murder of Crows]( in the game is based heavily upon real-life advertising. In fact, it’s almost a carbon copy of a[ sarsaparilla advert from the 19th century]( So, of course, we have to use sarsaparilla as a key ingredient.

    Lastly, we have the Angostura bitters. Cocktail buffs will now recognise this drink as a variation on an Old Fashioned: a proto-cocktail that has stood the test of time. The bitters adds a more savoury note to the cocktail, and backs up the American roots of this drink with a nod to a cocktail that wouldn’t be out of place in a saloon.

    All up, the Murder of Crows adds a herbal and licorice note to a standardOld-Fashioned recipe. Certainly recognisable as a classic, but with a twist that makes it stand out among its cousins – much like Bioshock: Infinite itself. Cheers!

    And if you like this, you might also be a fan of my take on [Electro Bolt from the original Bioshock](

    None of these take your fancy and want to make a suggestion? Head over to the /r/ExperienceBar subreddit and let me know. I always read ‘em, and I always appreciate ‘em.


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