It's time music listeners start supporting independent artists! We need to get more people in on IMF, to actually make this a trend.

Listening to music and networking is extremely important and I am startled to see the lack of love for people sharing their original music on Reddit.

About IMF:

To put it simply, r/indiemusicfeedback is a community for musicians to give each other feedback! But why do we need another music subreddit? Sure there is r/ThisIsOurMusic but check it out! There are so many posts with not a single comment or upvote. And the same reality is true for r/soundcloud. People who promote themselves do just that! Then they leave! They have little/no interest in listening to other peoples music! If artists could change that, they would make a powerful statement! If self promoters acted as listeners as well, they would all listen to each others music! That is why I implemented a system, where each user must provide quality feedback to 3 other people, before they can share their own music. This increases the chances of real people listening to their music by a ratio of 3.

Having the opportunity to have their music listened to by a real person, is so valuable today, that artists could pay a promo company 100's of dollars, and they still might not have a real person listen. Just bots and fake comments! IMF on the other hand, provides real listeners, and all they have to do is give 3 other people their time!

But why stop there? Why should IMF only be filled with artists? Shouldn't music lovers be supporting the independent music scene?

That is why I am here. I want to ask music lovers to jump over to r/indiemusicfeedback, and give some attention to these artists that are just starting out, or have been around for a while. It really means the world to them that you give their music a chance. And like I said, it is past time that music lovers start supporting independent artists!

What are your thoughts on this?

Do you have a hard time finding a place to share your music?

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