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  1. As a non baseball fan, I hope that someone can help me understand why this is an issue. From what I can gather, people associated with the Astros managed to figure out the signals used by another team and then used that to their advantage. Why is that considered wrong? Isn’t it up to the opposing team to change up their signals periodically so that nobody else can follow them?

  2. For those who aren’t baseball fans, this is one of the biggest scandals in the history of our sport.

    The team in question, the Houston Astros, were caught using a live video feed to steal opposing teams signs. The Astros won the World Series because of this sign stealing.

    And the fact that the Astros got a slap on the wrist makes me sick to my stomach. No players were suspended because the union is too strong (not a bad thing to have a strong union, but they needed punishment) and only the GM and Manager were given any punishment at all. This is a dark day for baseball.


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