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  2. Ed Luce with the correct take on the Warren story.

    Absolutely shocking that someone in the media, from the Financial Times no less, is actually looking at this through an objective eye.

  3. This was yet another strategic misstep from the Warren campaign.

    As Ed Luce said, these were ‘fairly ill-disguised fingerprints’ on this story and no one giving an objective reading of the situation and past comments going back decades from Sanders would believe he actually said this.

  4. There was an A+ rated pollster yesterday that had Biden leading in Iowa outside the margin of error (unlike the CNN/DMR poll on Friday, which had Bernie effectively tied with Warren and Biden).

    I get that this sub has crowned Bernie the nominee already, but this thing isn’t over. If Biden manages to win Iowa somehow this thing is probably over for everyone else, as he has been leading in other polls (that you don’t ever see on this sub for some reason) in NH, SC, and NV.

    If you want Bernie to win you have to vote. Upvoting articles about how you think “[Joe Biden Should Drop Out](” doesn’t = real votes.

  5. Which is exactly what they said about HRC.

    Stop getting so fucking hype and insane about horserace politics before the fucking primaries. Just go out and vote. For the love of all that is holy, go out and vote.


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