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  1. What and incredibly sad story, and a shame that her case was highlighted too late for anything to be done to save her. I’ve read before about severe malnutrition being extremely difficult to recover from, it’s not as easy as “just eat something”.

    It might surprise people to learn that China doesn’t have universal healthcare, and hospitals in rural areas are not easy to access for many communities.

    I hope the brother is now well cared for as it sounds like he has no more immediate family. How much grief and loss can one person handle? It’s incredibly sad.

  2. The world is so fucked, a president in America spending hundreds of millions on playing golf and people are dying because they can’t afford to live on pennies anymore, so much shit has been happening in the world I haven’t been able to keep track.. fuck life..

  3. WINNIE THE POOH BEAR lives his life his hands in his jar full of honey but she dies like this. Welcome to communism folks! [edit} the PLA is on reddit. I posted and a minute in my first downvote and proud of it.

  4. | China has previously pledged to “eliminate” poverty by 2020. Earlier this month, Jiangsu province said only 17 people out of its more than 80 million population were living in poverty. The figures were questioned online |

    I bet those 17 are just lazy layabouts.


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