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  1. Before saying strong words and leaving under the assumption that any of those fake people will care they actually need to consult a reputable lawyer to find out if HOA rules are enforceable in court. If they aren’t, go to war 😁…but if they are….☹️

  2. HOAs are generally garbage for the bylaws they create and enforce.

    However; atleast locally, 55+ communities are exempted from paying into school taxes. If the grandson is attending public schools, local law may require all residents then start paying school taxes. Where I live, this can easily be a 33% increase.

  3. HOAs are a disgrace to American values. A bunch of older folks living behind a gate, paying for the privilege of being told what to do with your own private property. These are the same people who claim to care about capitalism and freedom, yet all they want to do is to live in a strictly governed communist paradise.

  4. My wife and I are in our early 60s and recently retired. We specifically avoided over 55 neighborhoods because of the possibility that we might be in a similar situation and need to provide a home for our grandkids.

  5. This is happening to me soon. My elderly father passed away on the 28th of December, and the housing authority has given me until the end of January to move out, in an area where rents *bottom out* at 1.5k/month, which is almost my entire paycheck.

    I’ve lived here for a decade taking care of him as I went to school, and then got a job, but it’s been incredibly stressful dealing with it, and all the other low-income housing in has a half-decade waiting list.

    It sucks.

  6. I live in a 55+ community with an HOA. My understanding of the application of the tax exemption is that only a large percentage of the residents must be over 55. I forget the exact number, but its like 80 percent. So one resident of the community under 55 will not affect their tax exempt status. That doesn’t change how a particular HOA will enforce their rules, however. No, I’m not a lawyer, but sometimes I drive by their offices.


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