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  1. Because let’s take a particularly vulnerable slice of society and add a few more hurdles to their lives.

    Oh lookatthat. It’s a Republican.
    Raise your hand if you’re surprised.

  2. We’re gonna force women to have unwanted babies by telling them adoption is a better option, and then stop the people who want to adopt from doing so.

    Is there a single republican politician that’s not a total piece of shit ?

  3. Really both parties want this taken back to the supreme court. The issue is that the Court is not the same as it was ~10 years ago. The LGBT community may not get the ruling they want.

    With that said WTF people.

  4. Cause it’s better to raise kids in unsafe environments or orphanages than it is to give them to a loving home./s

    My (universalist Lutheran) or any other person’s religious beliefs should not make policy. It runs counter to our secular state.

  5. Why are we going back when it comes to stuff like this. This is going to hurt so many people. What if when I’m older with a girlfriend/wife we want kids. This may prevent that. Its fucking outrageous and is going back in time.

  6. There are lots of good, sensible people in Tennessee. There are also a lot of ignorant assholes. I know. I’ve spent a lot of time there. Hell, I live in KY and I thank everything holy that we got rid of Bevin. These people get into office because somehow poor, uneducated voters think Jesus wants them in office and big money forces that want to keep their money put a lot of heat on the situation. Knoxville is like most decent sized cities, full of culture and art. But when you get out in the country it’s the same as a lot of places where people have been convinced to vote against their best interests because if they don’t, Jesus will hate them and prosperity will be outside their grasp. It’s sad, really.


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