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  2. Before he can understand it, he needs to stop smelling his own farts and realise that what he calls “socialism” is just a slightly more equally-balanced version of the current symbiosis between capitalism and socialism-lite. Under even the furthest left of Dem candidates, there’d still be private businesses, still be property ownership, the scales would still be rigged in favour of capital and wealth, just that the equilibrium would be a little closer to the middle than it is now.

  3. Maybe he can try to enact M4A to help his reelection efforts. His base wouldn’t even miss a beat and get right to talking about how he’s keeping his promise to repeal Obamacare.

    I wouldn’t even be mad.

  4. yeah don’t paint it on too thick with that “socialisms appeal”. I just want capitalism where the deck isn’t stacked against me by billionaires.

    edit: no for real though please do not make this election “Trump versus socialism”. I’m going to show up and vote for the Dem regardless. but this message is a loser in the middle of the country. you do not have time to educate people about the ins-and-outs of socialist programs in a democracy.

  5. He sees a true populist with a much larger following and knows if Sanders gets nominated he is done for. Look for him to talk a LOT of shit between now and then to try and ruin Sanders chances.

  6. It’s not like Trump is a capitalist. He’s a con-artist. When he has attempted to compete in any type of free market, he’s had his ass handed to him. Then he declares bankruptcy and screws over the government and the little guy.

  7. …and it’s evident if you look around. Over at T_D there’s numerous posts about Bernie being a communist. Pictures of him at the Gulag and whatnot, real top-shelf stuff.

    They’re also fawning over [this Trump tweet]( where he deflects from people wanting a fair trial in the Senate… by asking why the Democrats didn’t “give us a fair trial in the House.” Now I know Trump’s base includes the demographic that would nod silently along with that, completely unaware that *only the Senate holds a trial.* But there have got to be *some* Trump supporters who know the basics of how our government works. Why doesn’t he lose them? Why do they stay on the bandwagon?

  8. Maybe because he used the same worker-friendly populist message to get elected, and then performed a complete 180. While Sanders has a 40-year record of standing up for those very same people who fell for the broken promises of a con man profiteering from the Presidency.

  9. The problem with all this is that “socialism” isn’t even part of what people want. Socialism is just a slur being used by Republicans. It’s laughable.

    People in the US would like a modern healthcare system, a modern educational system and a modern democratic government instead of a military-focus kleptocracy. We would like a government that works for people instead of corporations. We would like politicians that care more about people than Russian mafia money.


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