The future of global capitalism

How much longer will global capitalism exist? Seems like humans lets eat, sleep , reproduce, use earth limited resources. Cause globe warming, causing burning of the land A.K.A wild fires and melting of the polar ice. How do you see this playing out over the next 30 years? Unless Elon Musk takes us to mars…

The Kardashev scale

Every time I read about the Kardashev scale, something always nags at me. Enthusiasts like to talk about "harnessing" the power of an entire galaxy, for instance. My question is, what kind of civilization requires that amount of energy? I get it, they may have some pretty grand experiments and construction projects on the go.…

Will we one day be able to directly “alter” Gender Dysphoria one day ?

And also change things like , memories , identities , likes, dislikes , attractions etc ? PS I'm not condining forceful use of this tech at all but I'm all for concensual use of such tech . But a lot of people in transhumanism circles seem to focus a lot on morphological freedom and not…

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